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9323 PERRIN BEITEL # 205
San Antonio, TX 78217

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Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbal Set 15" Hats /18" Crash / 22" Ride

This Pure Alloy Extra Hammered Complete Set covers essential sounds for live, recording, and practice. Use the set to complete a standard kit or as a foundation to add other cymbals around it. Matching finish and weights provide consistent tone, feel, and volume.

Cymbals Included:
PA15EHH 15" Pure Alloy Extra Hammered Hi Hat
PA18EHC 18" Pure Alloy Extra Hammered Crash
PA22EHR 22" Pure Alloy Extra Hammered Ride

Specs and Features:
•Cymbals: PA15EHH, PA18EHC, PA22EHR
•To clean: Use Meinl Cymbal Cleaner and Meinl Cymbal Protectant

•Material: Pure Alloy
•Music Style: Rock, Pop, Fusion, R&B, Reggae, Studio
•Character: Shimmering Clarity
•Sustain: Medium
•Volume: Medium to low
•Timbre: Mid-Bright
•Pitch: High-Mid
•Weight: Medium
•Lathe: Pinpoint
•Finish: Traditional
•Shaping: Computerized Hammering

•Made in: Germany

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