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9323 PERRIN BEITEL # 205
San Antonio, TX 78217

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Meinl Stick & Brush - Zack Grooves Signature Drumstick

Zack Grooves came to Meinl Stick & Brush with the goal of finding a drumstick that would feel like an extension of his hands and respond as needed regardless of the situation he found himself in. Together, we have designed a stick that features a unique combination of weight, diameter, and length. To start off, we select our heaviest hickory dowels and then mill them down to a medium-thin diameter of 0.550”. The dowels are then cut to 16.5" in length and given a long taper to counter the heavyweight. This produces an overall balanced feel, and the final result is a fast stick that plays light enough for small and intimate rooms but has the weight to project when needed and withstand the punishment of louder gigs too. To top off the flexibility, Zack chose an oval tip for its balanced response and a wide variety of tones and attack that you can generate on cymbals, giving him total control over his final sound.

"I was on a mission to find the perfect drumstick no matter what style of music I was playing. I needed something light enough for a jazz standards gig at a cocktail joint, but also heavy and durable enough to bash on a rock hit. And let me tell you, the folks at Meinl Stick & Brush nailed it!
My drumsticks feel super quick and responsive to play. But with the extra length, there’s enough reach to powerfully blaze around the drum kit without feeling like you’re working too hard. I always feel like I’m in complete control of what I’m playing, no matter the style or task. Let’s not forget about the oval tip of the stick that sounds really good when you wanna get really sweet and sensitive on the cymbals. All around, it's my favorite stick of all time."

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