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9323 PERRIN BEITEL # 205
San Antonio, TX 78217

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MON-FRI: 11:AM - 6PM
SAT: 11AM - 4PM
SUN: 1PM - 4PM

DR String Life String 2oz Liquid Polymer 2oz

This unique liquid polymer is used to: protect your strings, reduce breakage, extend life of your strings, and enhance your tone. 

  • Liquid polymer coating bonds to strings by causing the positive charge of electrons in your strings to attract to the negative charged polymer
  • Creates a process called electrovalent bonding
  • Forms a barrier between strings and the elements (like acid, dirt and grime) that steal their life
  • Effective in prolonging the useful life of strings as factory coated polymer strings
  • Players can coat their favorite set of strings to make them last longer

JEff Ryder Drum Shop

We are a family owned music store specializing in drums, percussion and music lessons. We offer classes and products for all levels of musicians.

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    • Store Hours:
    • Mon - Fri: 11am - 6pm
    • Saturday 11am - 4pm
    Sunday 1pm - 4pm
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