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Native Tongue Percussion RhymBell with RhymClips - RCP-RBL-A5B

The Native Tongue Percussion RhymBell is an innovative and versatile professional grade cowbell crafted in the USA with a bright sound with moderate overtones that will cut right through the sound mix.

The RhymBell is designed for versatile mounting methods.

The RhymBell can be mounted on the rim of a snare, tom, timbale, or hand drums using NTP RhymClips (sold separately) which quickly mount the RhymBell on and off the drum in any position around the rim with height adjustment above the rim, ideal for rimshots, cross sticking, ghost noting, singular or interplay with the drum.

The RhymBell can be used with hand play by mounting onto an NTP RhymStryker (sold separately) designed to mount onto the rim of a hand drum, enabling the player to incorporate cowbell patterns into their two-handed drum playing without the interruption of having to pick up, hold in hand, and place back down a striking stick to play the cowbell.

The RhymBell can be mounted onto a traditional percussion stand rod setup using the NTP Rod Mount Bracket (sold separately). Additionally, the NTP Rod Mount Stryker (sold separately) can then be placed above the RhymBell for stick-free hand play.

RhymBell Features:

  • High quality steel, crafted in the USA
  • Bright pitch with controlled overtone
  • Designed for versatile mounting methods
  • Quickly mounts on snare, tom, timbale, and hand drum rims using NTP RhymClips (sold separately)
  • Mounts to NTP RhymStrykers (sold separately) for attaching to hand drum rims for stick-free hand play
  • Mounts to NTP Rod Mount Bracket (sold separately) for mounting on a standard 3/8” rod post. Additionally, an NTP Rod Mount Stryker (sold separately) can then be mounted above the RhymBell for stick-free hand play

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