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Mapex Black Panther Hydra 13" x 7" Snare Drum Maple / Walnut

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  • 13" Diameter x 7" Depth
  • 2.3mm Snare Bed with 5.5" Width
  • 4-Ply 4mm Walnut Reinforcement Rings
  • 7-Ply
  • 6.15mm
  • Maple / Maple / Walnut
  • Brushed Black Hardware  
Bearing Edges: Rounded 45 Center Cut with SONIClear 3/8" Outer Cut
Lugs : In-Line Locking "B"-Lugs
Air Vents : 3
Hoops: Sonic Saver Hoops

What an incredible sounding drum. This beautiful snare is a shop favorite and gives you the snap, crackle, and pop of a 13" but the body of a 14"  The rolled over Sonic Saver hoops help to control the over tone most associated with higher tunings, giving you the crack you're looking for without the need for dampening.  The new Mapex Black Panther line up both borrows from the Design Lab series snare drums as well as incorporates major upgrades to the old Black Panther line. Some of the more advanced features that have trickled down are; Design Lab Air Flow Venting, and the Soniclear Snare Beds to provide enhanced sensitivity. All bearing edges have the Soniclear edge for easier tuning and head seating, and the the Sonic Saver Hoops are standard on all drums.

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