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Premier Genista Maple 4PC Shell Pack in Silver Sparkle Lacquer Finish

Genista Maple series 22" 4pc Shell Pack

- 10" x 7" Rack Tom
- 12" x 8" Rack Tom
- 16" x 16" Floor Tom
- 22" x 18" Bass Drum
- Material: Premium North American maple ply
- Tom and Snare: 5.6mm, 7-ply shell construction
- Bass: 7.2mm, 9-ply shell construction
- 6mm undersize toms
- Original Genista tension lug design
- Low-profile ISO mounting system
- 2.3mm triple-flange hoops
- Heavy-duty 610 snare strainer
- Including: Tom holder clamps


The highly regarded original Genista kits were revered amongst drummers thanks to their exceptional sound qualities. Expanding on this legacy, the all-new Genista Maple offers great versatility for drummers who seek the richer, warmer tone more associated with maple shells whilst retaining the distinctive look of the timeless, yet bold, tension lug design that made it such a favourite for so many.

Genista Maple’s unsupported premium North American maple shells offer a balanced, articulate tone with exceptional warmth and incredible low-end punch. The tom and snare shells are 5.6mm, 7-ply thick whilst the slightly thicker 7.2mm, 9-ply bass shell packs greater sustain and low-end punch.

Like the original Genista, the tom shells are 6mm undersized on their diameter, one of the many innovations Premier have pioneered over the years, which offer a more-positive tuning and even clearer sound quality. All Genista shells are precision cut and feature a 45-degree bearing edge which helps to further increase attack, resonance and sustain for optimum sound performance.

The bold, distinctive, separate tension lug castings that adorned the original Genista return once again, retooled from the original factory drawings and specifications for maximum authenticity. The larger bass lug and the famed double-end snare lug designs are subsequently fitted to their respective shell using an isolating, moulded plinth to guarantee a larger than life, uncompromising tone.

A new, stylish low-profile ISO mounting system enhances the tonal resonance of each mounted rack tom by offering additional sustain whilst the 2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops minimise the risk of undesirable overtones. All mounted hardware brackets are bespoke designed by Premier and include integral memory locks for maximum stability and reliable set-up and breakdown – ideal for the working drummer.

Two optional Genista Maple snare drums are available for those wishing to complement their kit. Whether you want the high pitched crack of the 5.5”, or the weighted resonance of the 7”, both are 14” diameter and include the original 610 snare mechanism which offers a quick release feature, allowing you to change the snare head without altering the snare setting and tension.

Every Genista Maple provides an impeccable choice of solid stain and sparkle high-gloss lacquer finishes for a fresher, more modern look that will appeal to drummers of all ages. At the heart of every shell proudly sits the famous “P” badge, an emblem of quality, thanks to the return of the original chrome mount badge plinth. Complete with fully-lacquered matching bass drum hoops, every Genista shell is protected with an anti-moisture internal lacquer to preserve and prolong its life in humid environments.

Available in a range of popular shell packs plus a selected range of add-ons to choose from, Genista Maple is ideal for drummers who seek the perfect blend of tone, attack and body in a contemporary reimagining of a classic drum design.

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