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Sonor SQ2 3pc Vintage Beech Shell Pack in Birdseye Sunburst Fade 12/14/18

Building upon more than 140 years of manufacturing experience the SQ² Drum System offers the ultimate in SONOR craftmanship. This kit is made from German beech which offers a full, warm tone with evenly balanced lows, mids and highs, tremendous projection, tone and dynamics. The people at SONOR share a certain dedication to detail when making drums. It is a personal thing. Each instrument created means something. It’s the fact that those instruments will be played by drummers all over the world. It will be used in a wide variety of musical settings. Live or in a studio, in arenas in front of thousands of people or in the intimacy of a jazz club. It will always be there to express your musical voice. SONOR puts all of its expertise and love into making the best drums possible. SONOR selects only the finest wood from environmentally friendly sources. All SQ2 woods are handpicked from leading veneer suppliers worldwide. 

Specs and Features:
Shell Material: Beech
Shell Type : Vintage
Shell finish outside : Birdseye Sunburst Fade Veneer, Fade High Gloss
Sparkle Fade High Gloss : Shell finish inside Natural Clear Protective Lacquer, Semi Gloss

Tom Tom : 12'' x 8''
serial number : 10164901
Diameter : 12''
Depth : 8''

Batter Tom Heads : Medium, coated white
Resonance Tom Head : Medium, clear
Tom Hoops : chrome plated
Tensioning Screws for Toms : Square head screws, chrome plated
Lugs : chrome plated
Tom Tom Holders : chrome plated
SQ2 Logos: chrome plated

Floor Tom : 14'' x 14''
serial number : 10164902
Diameter : 14''
Depth : 14''

Bass Drum 18'' x 14''
serial number : 10164903
Diameter : 18''
Depth : 14''
Batter Head : Powerstroke 3, coated white, SONOR Logo, SQ2 Logo
Resonance Head : Power, natural, SONOR Logo, SQ2 Logo
Claw Hooks : chrome plated
Tensioning Screws : Easy-grip adjustment screw, chrome plated
Bass Drum Spurs :chrome plated
Bass Drum Mount :Bass Drum Bracket, Single Tom Holder, chrome plated

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